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LEGO 43189 Disney Elsa and The Nokk Storybook Adventures

Endless adventures await in this cool Disney Frozen 2 book!
LEGO 43189

LEGO 43186 Disney Bruni the Salamander Buildable Character

Disney’s Frozen 2 fans will love replaying movie scenes or creating stories with the adorable Bruni to grow creative skills.

LEGO 43186

LEGO 41169 Disney Frozen II Olaf The Snowman

This building toy of lovable Olaf from Disney’s Frozen animated films comes with articulated joints, a pencil and journal.

LEGO 41169

LEGO 41167 Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village

Disney Frozen II castle for endless role-play fun with Elsa, Anna and Kristoff!
LEGO 41167

LEGO 41166 Disney Frozen II Elsa's Wagon Adventure

Kids will love recreating scenes from Disney’s Frozen II as they help Elsa ride her wagon and look after the reindeer.

LEGO 41166

LEGO 41165 Disney Frozen Anna's Canoe Expedition

This playset lets nature-loving kids recreate scenes from Disney’s Frozen II while exploring the river with Anna and Olaf.

LEGO 41165

LEGO 41164 Disney Frozen Enchanted Treehouse

Creative kids can play out moments from Disney’s Frozen II with Anna and Olaf while they set up this forest camp.

LEGO 41164

LEGO 41155 Disney Frozen Elsa's Market Adventure

Visit Arendelle Market with Elsa and Olaf!
LEGO 41155

LEGO 70436 Hidden Side Phantom Fire Truck 3000

Cool LEGO Hidden Side augmented reality (AR) toy for kids
LEGO 70436

LEGO 70435 Hidden Side Newbury Abandoned Prison

Amazing app-driven LEGO ghost-hunting toy for kids
LEGO 70435

LEGO 70434 Hidden Side Supernatural Race Car

An exciting way to play with LEGO toys – combining a LEGO model with a game app for an augmented reality (AR) experience.

LEGO 70434

LEGO 70433 Hidden Side J.B.'s Submarine

J.B.'s sub reveals a ghostly digital world when viewed with a smart device equipped with the cool LEGO Hidden Side AR app.
LEGO 70433

LEGO 70431 Hidden Side The Light House of Darkness

This lighthouse model reveals a ghostly world when viewed with a smart device equipped with the free Hidden Side AR app.

LEGO 70431

LEGO 70428 Hidden Side Jack's Beach Buggy

Exciting new way to play with LEGO toys by combining a LEGO model with a game app for an augmented-reality (AR) experience.

LEGO 70428

LEGO 70427 Hidden Side Welcome to The Hidden Side

This model reveals a ghostly digital world when viewed with a smart device equipped with the free LEGO Hidden Side AR app.

LEGO 70247

LEGO 70425 Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School

A spooky-fun school play experience with augmented reality!
LEGO 70425

LEGO 40336 Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar

Something isn’t right at the Newbury Juice Bar! Help hero Parker Jackson defeat the haunted bartender.

LEGO 40336

LEGO 75969 Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

There’s a world of imaginative role-play for Harry Potter fans to explore inside this thrill-packed tower.

LEGO 75969

LEGO 75968 Harry Potter 4 Privet Drive

The iconic Dursley family home is bursting with imaginative fun and adventures for Harry Potter fans to explore.

LEGO 75968

LEGO 75967 Harry Potter Forbidden Forest: Umbridge's Encounter

Kids role-play a fun story from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and dream up imaginative adventures of their own

LEGO 75967

LEGO 75966 Harry Potter Hogwarts Room of Requirement

Kids role-play a fun story from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and dream up imaginative adventures of their own.

LEGO 75966

LEGO 75958 Harry Potter Beauxbaton's Carriage: Arrival at Hogwart

Flying horses bring the Beauxbatons’ students to Hogwarts, where the set transforms for more magical fun on land.

LEGO 75958

LEGO 75957 Harry Potter The Knight Bus

When kids catch the purple triple-decker bus, they know they’re in for a hair-raising, magical adventure.

LEGO 75957

LEGO 75955 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Travel with Harry Potter and his friends on a magical journey.

LEGO 75955

LEGO 75953 Harry Potter and The Champer of Secrets Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Avoid the spinning branches or be trapped.

LEGO 75953

LEGO 75952 Fantastic Beast Newts' Case of Magical Creature

Discover the amazing environments and magical creatures.

LEGO 75952

LEGO 75951 Fantastic Beast Grindelwald's Escape

Recreate this exciting scene from the Fantastic Beasts film.

LEGO 75951

LEGO 75948 Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower

Within the Hogwarts Clock Tower are many well-known rooms and much-loved characters from the Harry Potter films.

LEGO 75948

LEGO 75947 Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue

A visit to Hagrid's hut leads to a daring Hippogriff rescue.

LEGO 75947

LEGO 71738 Ninjago Zane's Titan Mech Battle

Awesome playset with a dynamic mech and 4 minifigures for kids to recreate exciting action from season 5 of the TV series.

LEGO 71738

LEGO 71737 Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger

After constructing this fantastic playset, kids can stage daring high-speed races with the super-fast car and motorbike.

LEGO 71737

LEGO 71736 Ninjago Boulder Blaster

Kids can enjoy hours of imaginative play with this stunning Boulder Blaster playset featuring a shooting aeroplane and prison toy for ninja adventures.

LEGO 71736

LEGO 71733 Ninjago Tournament of Elements

Detailed, buildable temple crammed with minifigures and weapons lets ninja fans role-play exhilarating battles with friends.

LEGO 71733

LEGO 71733 Ninjago Epic Battle Set - Cole vs Ghost Warrior

Kids have all they need to play out epic battles between a ninja and an evil villain with this impressive NINJAGO playset.

LEGO 71733

LEGO 71732 Ninjago Epic Battle Set - Jay vs Serpentine

Fantastic playset for kids to act out enthralling battles between Jay and the evil Serpentine to win prized weapons.

LEGO 71732

LEGO 71731 Ninjago Epic Battle Set - Zane vs Nindroid

Take on unforgettable battle with Zane against the dangerous Nindroid fighting machine.

LEGO 71731

LEGO 71730 Ninjago Epic Battle Set- Kai vs Skulkin

Kids can enjoy a fun build, play out thrilling ninja fight scenes and collect all 4 battle sets.

LEGO 71730

LEGO 71722 Ninjago Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons

Ninja dungeon board game and playset for kids to play with family and friends and combine with other playable Ninjago sets.

LEGO 71722

LEGO 71721 Ninjago Skull Sorcerer's Dragon

Dragon playset with board game for kids to play with their family and friends and combine with other playable NINJAGO sets.

LEGO 71721

LEGO 71720 Ninjago Fire Stone Mech

Awesome LEGO playset featuring posable mech for kids to recreate dramatic battles from NINJAGO TV series.

LEGO 71720

LEGO 71719 Ninjago Zane's Mino Creature

Ninja board game playset featuring Mino creature for kids to play with friends and combine with other playable NINJAGO sets.

LEGO 71719

LEGO 71717 Ninjago Journey to the Skull Dungeons

Kids will enjoy building this awesome playset before taking part in action-packed adventures to rescue Hero Jay from prison!

LEGO 71717

LEGO 71716 Ninjago Lloyd Avatar- Arcade Pod

This awesome arcade machine lets ninjas transport themselves from NINJAGO City to Prime Empire. 

LEGO 71716

LEGO 71715 Ninjago Jay Avatar-Arcade Pod

Kids can customize their own avatar character and recreate stories from the LEGO NINJAGO TV series with the arcade machine.

LEGO 71715

LEGO 71710 Ninjago Ninja Tuner Car

Action-packed ninja car playset for kids to stage races and immerse themselves in the video game world of Prime Empire.

LEGO 71710

LEGO 71709 Ninjago Jay and Lloyd's Velocity Racers

Fans will love Jay and Lloyd’s Velocity Racers featuring an awesome buildable racing toy bike and plane.

LEGO 71709

LEGO 71707 Ninjago Kai's Mech Jet

Kai’s Mech Jet  is the ideal birthday gift for kids who love LEGO NINJAGO.

LEGO 71707

LEGO 71706 Ninjago Cole's Speeder Car

Fun and Easy tool that help you to build.

LEGO 71706

LEGO 71705 Ninjago Destiny's Bounty

This incredible playset will captivate youngster and provide them with a world of endless play scenarios.

LEGO 71705

LEGO 71704 Ninjago Kai Fighter

Stunning toy jet and 4 minifigures for little ninjas to recreate battle scenes from season 3 of the NINJAGO TV series.

LEGO 71704

LEGO 71703 Ninjago Storm Fighter Battle

Kids can recreate thrilling scenes from early seasons of the Masters of Spinjitzu TV series.

LEGO 71703

LEGO 71700 Ninjago Jungle Raider

Ninja car toy with cool suspension feature and Lloyd in the cockpit for kids to indulge in endless hours of imaginative play.

LEGO 71700

LEGO 70687 Ninjago Spinjitzu- Burst Lloyd

New Spinjitzu Burst spinning toy and Lloyd minifigure offer kids endless hours of amazing ninja action.

LEGO 70687

LEGO 70686 Ninjago Spinjitzu-Burst Kai

Spinjitzu Burst spinning toy for kids to send Kai minifigure into a spin and enjoy action scenes from the world of Ninjago.

LEGO 70686

LEGO 70685 Ninjago Spinjitzu-Burst Cole

New Spinjitzu Burst spinning toy lets kids launch Cole minifigure into a spin and recreate breathtaking ninja battles!

LEGO 70685

LEGO 70640 Ninjago S.O.G Headquaters

Attack the son of Garmadon underground Dojo in Spinjitzu style.

LEGO 70640

LEGO 70629 Ninjago Piranha Attack

Stop a Piranha Attack with Kai and Misako.

LEGO 70629

LEGO 70609 Ninjago Manta Ray Bomber

Builders can relate to these self-aware, brave characters.

LEGO 70609

LEGO 75258 Star Wars Anakin's Podracer

Build and collect a special LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary edition of young Anakin Skywalker.

LEGO 75258

LEGO 75257 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon

Inspire youngsters and adults with this  LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon model set. 

LEGO 75257

LEGO 75255 Star Wars Yoda

Build and Display a true LEGO Star Wars legend Yoda.

LEGO 75255

LEGO 75253 Star Wars Boost Droid Commander

Boost learning with fun and interactive missions in a familiar Star Wars™ themed universe.

LEGO 75253

LEGO 75246 Star Wars: A New Hope Death Star Cannon

Kids and fans will love to build this Death Star Cannon scene and play out epic moments from the first Star Wars movie.

LEGO 75246

LEGO 75232 Star Wars Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper

Show your devotion to the first order with Kylo Ren and a Sith Trooper.

LEGO 75232

LEGO 75220 Star Wars: A New Hope Sandcrawler

Join the Jawas on Tatooine.

LEGO 75220

LEGO 75212 Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

Build the fastest ship in the galaxy, the millennium Falcon.

LEGO 75212

LEGO 75210 Star Wars Moloch's Landspeeder

Build all-new adventures and play out your favorites.

LEGO 75210

LEGO 75209 Star Wars Han Solo's Landspeeder

Escape to safety with Han Solo's Landspeeder!

LEGO 75209

LEGO 75200 Star Wars Ahch-To Island Training

Learn the Jedi way at the Ahch-To Island mountainside hut.

LEGO 75200

LEGO 75194 Star Wars First Order TIE Fighter Microfighter

Take on the resistence in a micro-scale TIE Fighter.

LEGO 75194

LEGO 75180 Star Wars Rathtar

Escape from Bala-Tik and the dreaded Rathtars.

LEGO 75180

LEGO 75158 Star Wars Rebel Combat Frigate

Evade the Empire aboard the Rebels’ Combat Frigate!

LEGO 75158

LEGO 75156 Star Wars Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

Transport Director Krennic in his armor-plated shuttle!

LEGO 75156

LEGO 75144 Star Wars Snowspeeder

Build the ultimate LEGO Snowspeeder!

LEGO 75144

LEGO 75116 Star Wars Finn

Practice your warrior skills with Finn!

LEGO 75116

LEGO 75115 Star Wars Poe Dameron

Fight for the Resistance with Poe Dameron!

LEGO 75115

LEGO 75113 Star Wars Rey

Battle the First Order with buildable and posable Rey!

LEGO 75113

LEGO 75109 Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi

Use the Force to battle the Separatists with posable Obi-Wan Kenobi.

LEGO 75109

LEGO 75098 Star Wars Assault on Hoth

Play out action-packed Hoth battles like never before!

LEGO 75098

LEGO 40431 Star Wars Brick Sketches

Brilliant, Collectible, Brick-Built BB-8 illustration!

LEGO 40431

LEGO 40407 Star Wars Death Star II Battle

Return of the Jedi battles with this LEGO® brick Death Star II Battle scene, A-wing and TIE Interceptor!

LEGO 40407

LEGO 40391 Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper

Cool, Collectible, Brick-Built Stormtrooper illustration!

LEGO 40391

LEGO 8089 Star Wars Hoth Wampa

Escape from the wampa ice creature with Luke Skywalker!

LEGO 8089

LEGO 76899 Speed Champions Lamborghini Urus ST-X & Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO

LEGO playset with 2 Lamborghini models of the Urus ST-X racing SSUV and Huracán Super Trofeo EVO race car and a start line.

LEGO 76899

LEGO 76898 Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY

Build 2 LEGO models of the Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 car and Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY car, before staging races.

LEGO 76896

LEGO 76897 Speed Champions 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1

Car fans of all ages will love to build, race and display this mini version of the famous 1985 Audi Sport quattro S1.

LEGO 76897

LEGO 76896 Speed Champions Nissan GT-R Nismo

Car fans will love to build this LEGO version of the iconic Nissan GT-R NISMO to proudly display or use to stage races.

LEGO 76896

LEGO 75895 Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0

Classic 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 collectible toy car model to race and display!

LEGO 75895

LEGO 75894 Speed Champions 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 Mini John Cooper Works Buggy

Match the 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally against the 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy.

LEGO 75894

LEGO 75892 Sped Champions McLaren Senna

The LEGO building toy captures all the style of the ultra-fast McLaren Senna road car.

LEGO 75892

LEGO 75891 Speed Champions Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race Car

Car that will delight Chevy fans.

LEGO 75891

LEGO 75890 Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Competizione

The Ferrari F40 Competizione can be turned into the classic F40 road car.

LEGO 75890

LEGO 41395 Friends Friendship Bus

The LEGO Friends Friendship Bus  for girls  mixes an old London bus with a dolls’ house and a sprinkling of Friends' magic.

LEGO 41395

LEGO 41394 Friends Heartlake City Hospital

Fun LEGO hospital and ambulance toy for playing doctor and patients!

LEGO 41394

LEGO 41393 Friends Baking Competition

Let kids get creative with this baking competition toy!

LEGO 41393

LEGO 41392 Friends Nature Glamping

Let kids imagine enjoying the outdoors in style, exploring nature and hanging out with friends with this glamping playset.

LEGO 41392

LEGO 413888 Friends Mia's Summer Heart Box

Take Mia's sunshine with you wherever you go!

LEGO 413888

LEGO 41387 Friends Olivia's Summer Heart Box

Head to the beach for a summer barbecue with LEGO Friends  Olivias Summer Heart Box

LEGO 41387

LEGO 41384 Friends Andrea's Summer Heart Box

This set is ideal for creative kids who love cute boxes and cool characters.

LEGO 41384

LEGO 41379 Friend HEartlake City Restaurant

Playing at being grown up is easy with LEGO Friends  Heartlake City Restaurant toy playset

LEGO 41379

LEGO 41378 Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission

Ideal building toy for kids who love adventure and looking after the environment by caring for animals.

LEGO 41378

LEGO 41375 Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier

Immerse your child in the thrilling atmosphere of a pierside funfair with this colorful creative building toy.

LEGO 41375

LEGO 41371 Friends Mia's Horse Trailer

This creative building toy is a great gift for kids who love animals, cool vehicles and outdoor adventures.

LEGO 41371

LEGO 41364 Friends Stephanie's Buggy and Trailer

This set is ideal for kids who love being active outdoors.

LEGO 41364

LEGO 41363 Friends Mia's Forest Adventure

Kids can imagine their own creative adventures for Mia and her forest friend.

LEGO 41363

LEGO 41361 Friends Mia's Foal Stable

This set is ideal for kids who love pets and animals – especially horses.

LEGO 41361

LEGO 41358 Friends Mia's Heart Box

This set is ideal for kids who love collectable boxes and outdoorsy characters.

LEGO 41358

LEGO 41352 Friends The Big Race Day

The Big Race Day sets the scene for an exciting go-kart race between the friends from Heartlake City. 

LEGO 41352

LEGO 41337 Friends Underwater Loop

Sea-themed spinning toy allows kids to recreate the thrill of an amusement park for hours of imaginative play.

LEGO 41337

LEGO 41326 Friends Advent Calendar

Open the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar each day in December to add a piece to your Christmas party scene.

LEGO 41326